What a year...

I don't know how many times I have said that the days and weeks since March have dragged by, while the months have seemed to pass by like a ghost, without even have existed. Of course they did exist, and we did make it through, but only by a feat of endurance that puts into perspective the endurance required for any long distance race. As a practice in sanity (Serenity Now!) and a conscious effort to cultivate mindfulness, I always try to find the good in a situation and look for reasons to be grateful. I have to admit, it has been hard to meet those goals this year. Through the dark times, however, there have been beacons of light that have helped me to maintain the hope and search for blessings that I wrote about back in April.

This year we pivoted to the micro-wedding and celebrated many a couple's most important day with a short list of close friends and family, often in unique and different locations. Backyard weddings, small church ceremonies, portrait sessions in fields next to barns, engagement shoots zipping over a lake to a deserted island...all magical moments that I never foresaw myself taking part in until this year. In each event though, the love, joy and hope of the couples I photographed fortified me and threw me a shining life-line that helped me navigate the changes of this year.

Yes, our lives have been upended and we have experienced change at every turn, from the fundamental changes at the grocery store to the dramatic shifts in wedding celebrations. What has not changed is the love and sincerity that we are capable of, a love that is most evident on a couple's wedding day. I am always incredibly grateful for the opportunity to work so intimately with a couple on their special day, and always leave a wedding or an engagement shoot feeling invigorated and rejuvenated. I hope you can also experience a small slice of this joy and and draw a bit of strength from these highlights of 2020.