Amy and Joe's wedding

Associate Photography for Justin Pedrick Photography

My first engagement shoot this year was for Amy and Joe in Hoboken. Spring was just starting to bloom, and a hopeful breeze was starting to lift our spirits as we walked around their old stomping grounds and shared stories from our own times in Sinatra's old stomping grounds.

Last weekend, I shot their wedding, which just happened to be my last wedding of the year. I love that I was able to book-end this year with Amy and Joe, who were fun, genuine, and all around a great couple to work with. The natural chemistry that they had made my job easy, all I had to do was take a step back and help them document their love. There were plenty of laughs and good times, even up to and through the fire alarm that forced us all to evacuate the building right after ceremony! They and their guests moved the party outdoors and continued to enjoy the special time with their family and friends. We moved amongst the crowd with the camera and documented the joy that was not tempered by the cold, and managed to snag a few photos with the fire trucks after the fire department arrived on the scene. These two handled the entire unexpected event with grace and humor, and ushered in the rest of their life with some memorable stories to tell!