Want to do an engagement session in the Hudson Valley?

You came to the right place! Here is a run-down of some of my favorite locations, with photos taken during actual engagement sessions. I have photographed at each place on this list, and would highly recommend any of them for your engagement session, depending on what kind of session you are up for. The most important thing is that you are comfortable and have fun with your partner, and your pictures will turn out great. Whether you are more at home hiking the mountains, walking cute streets lined with artisanal coffee shops, or surrounded by monumental modern art, there is a place and vibe for you!

Explore Little Stony Point

My personal favorite on the list, Little Stony Point Park, has it all. Riverfront beaches with epic cliff views, expansive skies from the vista at the top of a short hike, and a very flat, manageable trail that encircles the whole park and gives so many unique spots for photos. Add on top of that the seasonal changes that are so clear here and the magical light filtering over the mountains at sunset, and this place cannot be beat!

Recommendations: bug spray and sunscreen based on time of year, possible change of shoes (one for walking and one for classing it up a bit, if you'd like). Depending on the season, layers for warmth would be a good idea.

What I will do to prepare: I live in the area so I am aware of the changing light, best times to be there, and good spots. If weather has been rough recently, I can check out trail conditions. I am always prepared and will bring a flashlight and coordinate our session with both tide and sunset times (both have a huge effect!).

Soak in the quiet of Cold Spring

A beautiful and charming little village, Cold Spring is nestled into a quiet corner of the Hudson River directly across from West Point. In your free time you could walk up and down the Main Street and pause at antique shops, artisanal food suppliers that specialize in regional cheeses, olive oils and vinegars, wines, or baked goods. There are so many great places for a post-photo session lunch or dinner here as well! Easily accessible from the city by the Metro North, Cold Spring is the beautiful gateway to all things upstate NY. In an engagement session there are truly unlimited possibilities because around every corner is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered.

Recommendations: Wear what you would going out on a comfortable but classy date together. We will do some walking, there are so many great places! Depending on the season, layers for warmth would be a good idea. Stay for dinner or lunch after our session!

Marvel at Modern Art

Storm King Art Center

A perfect blend of art and outdoor serenity, Storm King Art Center will provide you with innumerable photo ops whichever way you start walking. If you love art, this is the place for you! I personally feel so recharged after a visit here, and love to come visit on my own when I have a day off to walk around.

Recommendations: Download the app and check out the map and some of the exhibits online first, so you have an idea which direction you'd like to start walking in. Keep an eye on the weather and dress in layers with proper footwear, depending on the season. "Dry" bug spray is a great idea so you don't stain your clothes.

Keep in mind: There is a fee to take photos here ($200). If this is the location you are really into, it's definitely worth it! We would also coordinate our visit with their closing time to maximize the time we have with the best light, but we won't be close to golden hour unless it is spring or fall.

What I will do to prepare: The Art Center requires a Certificate of Insurance, which I will happily send along to them. They also require photographers to sign a contract that we will not use photos with artwork for public business purposes, although you can use your photos however you'd like. If you'd like to see a gallery with more photos, send me a message!