A couple's wedding day story is told through many moments, details, emotions, and events. Our job as photographers is to document your story of the day and to preserve the feelings you had during your special celebration.

Jess and John's story was told through one incredibly intentional and romantic day in May. Jess, an organic farmer, put so much thought and care into her wedding day and surprised everyone with meaningful touches that brought it all together. The day started with a first look with her soon-to-be husband, for whom she had made a tie sticker with an image of John and his late father. The view through my camera lens got a little blurry when they placed it into his tie so that he could carry his dad with him through the day.

Many more details told their story, like Jess' thoughtful bridesmaids gifts, their handwritten vows, John's Uncle driving his father's cherished car up from Maryland, the heartfelt speeches that got everyone laughing. Their first dance song was by a band who they had seen live seven times and Jess chose a surprise song for their private last dance, a Japanese love song they dance to together in the living room (they went to Japan on their honeymoon). During the mother-son dance, a hush fell over the crowded reception area which a pin would have been embarrassed to break, if one had happened to fall.

At the end of the night, Jess, John, the second photographer, and I went out in the dark for a creative night photo. The cool air felt good to them after dancing and partying all night, and the dark landscape provided the perfect backdrop for a long exposure portrait with a lantern. Turns out, one of the reasons John became a police officer was that growing up he loved reading the Green Lantern comics and wanted to be as much like his role model as possible (sans superpowers).

The images below show a portion of the day. The story told through wedding photos is much more impactful than my words, so I'll leave the rest of the story for the pictures to tell. As a wedding photographer I am honored and humbled to create them and document each special wedding day story.