What do I wear to the engagement shoot?

This is one of the most common questions that I get when I meet with a couple to discuss their engagement session. The answer depends on many different factors, some of which you might not consider, so I decided to write a series of seasonal blogs to give some tips for your wardrobe. I hope the following list to consider is helpful, and as always, please reach out if you have any questions or feedback!


Consideration 1

How do you want to look in your photos? What is the style and vibe that you are going for? I think these are the first questions to ask yourself for any engagement shoot because these are the photos you will want to use for your announcements, social media, and prints for years to come, and you want to like how you look!
It is the most personal consideration, and maybe the most obvious. It is the consideration that, personally, I am the worst at. I am not ashamed to admit I rely on my wife for this part!


Consideration 2

Ok, here's where I have more input. Every engagement shoot is unique and structured differently, but they often require a lot of walking. Consider your choice of shoes. They should be comfortable for 60-90 minutes of walking on different surfaces. Are we going to a park? Then maybe heels isn't the best choice with springtime mud, although you could bring them in a bag and change before a photo if you want to include them.

For some more adventurous shoots, clothing that is "adaptable" and allows a wide range of motion is great.

We always try to capture your genuine joy. If you are comfortable, happy, and in the moment with your partner, your photos will show that!



Spring is unpredictable! We will watch the weather before your photo session and try to pick the best time and day for your photos, but up here in the Hudson Valley it can still be cold, hot, rainy, sunny...all in the same day.

I always suggest to wear layers. None of the layers should be bulky, for both the sake of photos and for the effectiveness of the layer. If you are too hot with it on but too cold with it off, leave it at home. Two (or more) lighter layers that are easy to take off and put on are ideal. You might want to put them on when we are walking, but if we see a great photo location along the way you might want to shed layers quickly. If rain is in the forecast, a light rain jacket would be a good idea.

Gloves and socks...you might not want to think about gloves anymore because winter is finally over, but it wouldn't hurt to have a light pair that you could store for just in case. If your socks are covered by pants and shoes, you might as well wear warm and comfortable ones!

The bag


You may have noticed that I referred to a bag in a couple of the previous tips. Since spring is unpredictable weather-wise, you may want to bring something to store those extra layers, gloves, shoes, or an outfit change, if you are going to change.

It really isn't essential, but it's more of a nice-to-have kind of thing. If you do bring a bag, it doesn't need to be a large backpack (remember, comfort=natural=happy), but often my couples appreciate being able to carry things in a larger purse or smaller pack.

Alternatively, there's always somewhere to put these items down, so if you don't mind carrying them, the bag is not necessary!

That's it!

Engagement sessions are easy and fun. It is important to consider some seasonal specifics, but the important thing is to have a great time!

Stay tuned for more seasonal posts throughout the year.