Conversations about Wedding Day Stories...

lately have often revolved around the Value of having the full day covered photographically. I usually explain that, as an artist, I hope to document all of the important moments. Of course, I will absolutely be there clicking away during your vows, your first kiss, first dance, and other big events. We will actually work together to develop a timeline around all of those events, so that your day will flow smoothly and you will be able to enjoy without worrying about the logistics too much. Leave all that to us and our many years of experience!

But I digress. Your wedding day is about so much more than those grand moments. The story is fleshed out and developed with all of the little jokes, glances, and hugs. It really started years ago with the beginning of your relationships with your friends and relatives, and picks up where you last left off when you all start to get ready for the ceremony.

There are so many details and moments that start during prep and are integral during your wedding day story. A few months ago, I was asked to photograph Fabi and Roddy's prep photos to supplement their wedding day coverage. As their cousin (through my wife), I was really looking forward to celebrating with them later on, and as a photographer, I was honored to help them document their story in a full and complete way. That is something I hope to do for all my couples, and is the intention behind the design of my full day package. Your wedding day story will be as unique as you, and you deserve to have the whole story told. Let's talk more about your wedding day vision!