One year anniversaries...

Are a special thing. In my experience, the first year really flies by. Holidays come and go, other people in your life are married, and more large milestones become part of your story. I remember my first year anniversary particularly well (Adriana had COVID) and the opportunity that date gave me to reflect back on the wonderful year that had passed (as well as the irony that we both had COVID exactly a year before).

Now, one year after this beautiful fall wedding at Le Chateau, I am taking time to pause and reflect on the memories from that day. Of course they are not my memories, but they are good ones nonetheless. Wedding days are full of anticipation; they are a bottleneck of love, experiences, family, and stories that funnel down to one fleeting day. From there, all of those stories and beautiful memories expand outwards, growing into the full life that a couple lives together. Since wedding photos are timeless mementos that document memories, they have a unique power to bring us back to that special bottleneck moment.

Because these moments are so fleeting, it is proper and fitting to pause on big occasions and remember what particular days FELT like. On this autumn day in the Hudson Valley, the air was crisp, the leaves were ignited into flaming yellows and oranges. Laughter and love reverberated through the beautiful outdoor ceremony space and, later, the rustic indoor reception. I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I have enjoyed looking back through them on this first year anniversary!

I created all of these photos as an associate photographer for Justin Pedrick Photography.