Brenda and Tim's wedding in Brooklyn and Manhattan

Brenda and Tim, Brooklyn natives, tied the knot at the beautiful View at Battery Park at the end of the summer. 2023 has been crazy with weather, and their wedding day was no exception! As I was walking to their apartment to start groom prep with Tim and his Best Man, the ominous skies started to scatter rain and created a very unique atmosphere. It was actually perfect for our photos, with the diffuse light filtering down between buildings and into their back window and onto their balcony. Some of my favorite photos are from this prep!

Bridal Prep and First Look

Brenda's prep was at her Maid of Honor's apartment, 7 minutes away. The view was breathtaking, and perfectly framed the quiet bustle of hair, makeup, and conversation. On a wedding day, menial chores like steaming a dress become almost religious rituals. I am often reminded in moments like these of a quote on a gift that my wife gave to her mother, which goes something like "Today a bride, tomorrow a wife, forever your daughter."

20 minutes over the Brooklyn Bridge and we arrived for first look at The View. Brenda and Tim had expressed how important the location was to them, they are in love with the bustle and atmosphere of the city, especially the views from the tip of Manhattan of Ellis Island, Brooklyn, and the Statue of Liberty. In a fitting full-circle moment, last summer Adriana and I did their engagement session in Red Hook, facing the direction where we were currently located for their wedding.

First looks are always special, and this one was particularly so. Tim's mounting anticipation was palpable...not in a nervous way, but it was clear that he was taking in the importance of the moment and was ready to start his life with his beautiful bride. Battery Park, just past the monument, was truly the perfect location!


Brenda had requested some "small people, big buildings" photos, which made me super excited. I love the opportunity to tell a story through landscape and a couple on a wedding day. The details, in both large and small landscapes, can be visual poetry if you spend some time with it. Later on the skies opened up and afforded Lower Manhattan an absolutely glorious sunset!

The Details, Ceremony, and Reception

The View at Battery Park has to be one of my favorite venues. The staff were great, which goes a long way, but the views were spectacular and the arrangement was both intimate and classy. It was quiet, while still being in the heart of the action.

This mix is one that suited Brenda and Tim well. They are super accomplished, intelligent people who love the city for all its good and its bad. Last summer they brought class to some of the revitalized places of Red Hook, and this year they found their own personal touches amongst some of the greatest views (and construction) around. It was a lovely wedding, and I'll always look back with fondness and gratitude for the opportunity to document their wedding story.